Parent of a Highly Skilled Professional (Specific Activity No. 34)

calendar-icon 2024/05/16 Visa acquisition results

Situation at the time of the request

  • Residence status: None
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Situation:

The daughter, who is working in Japan with a highly specialized profession, is raising two children aged 5 and 3 months. Balancing work and childcare has become difficult, so she wants her parents, who live in China, to come to Japan and help with childcare.


  • Residence status: Specific Activity No. 34
  • Desired conditions: Due to exhaustion from balancing childcare and work, she wants her parents to come to Japan as soon as possible.


  • Obtained Specific Activity No. 34
  • Since the parents were already in Japan on a short-term stay, the application process went smoothly.

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