Spouse or child of permanent resident

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Visa Application

For those who do not currently have a Japanese visa and intend to obtain one in the future

Extend visa period

If you already have this visa and want to extend the period

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If you currently have a different visa for Japan and want to change to this visa

Visa for the spouse or biological child of a permanent resident. There are no restrictions such as residence activities or work limitations, giving freedom in job hunting.
・Applicant:The applicant A spouse of a permanent resident or a child of a permanent resident who was born in Japan and has been continuously residing in Japan since then. Concrete examples are; wife or husband of a permanent resident or a special permanent resident and a child who was born in japan and has been continuously residing in japan since then. ・Period:No designated number of times for renewal. 5years, 3 years, 1 year or 6 months. ・Where to apply: Immigration Services Agency of Japan ・Standard Investigation Period:Recognition 96 days, Renewal 29 days, Change 32 days