Points for Family Stays

calendar-icon 2023/06/28

"Family Stay" is a residence status that can be obtained by the spouse or children of foreign nationals working in Japan. However, only the families of those who hold specific work visas can obtain this visa, and it is not possible to bring parents or grandparents. There are three important points to consider in order to obtain a family stay visa.

First, the marriage must be legally valid (in the case of a spouse). Common-law relationships or engagement status are not recognized, and the marriage is considered valid as long as it is legally recognized in Japan or abroad.

Second, the ability to support and the intention to receive support are required. The criteria for this condition are not clear and may vary depending on the number of family members and the financial situation. It should be noted that family stay visa holders can work part-time for up to 28 hours a week if they obtain a "permission for activities outside of qualification," but if their annual income exceeds 1.3 million yen, it may be difficult to renew the visa.

Third, cohabitation is important, especially for married couples. If they do not live together, an explanation of the circumstances is required.

In addition, it is also possible to change the residence status of a spouse from a student visa to a family stay visa if a student gets married and finds employment after graduation. However, permission to change from a student visa to a work visa and having an income that can support the family's livelihood, even with the initial salary, are necessary conditions.


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