Points to Consider for Updating Technological Advancements in a Country

calendar-icon 2024/05/17
  1. Submitting a certificate of employment is generally not required. However, if the immigration office has doubts about your employment status, they may request it.
  2. It is necessary to confirm that there are no unpaid resident taxes. If there are unpaid resident taxes, it may still be possible to renew your visa, but it could result in a visa with a validity of one year or be disadvantageous for permanent residency application.
  3. During the renewal process, you may receive a notice from the immigration office requesting additional documents if they have doubts about your job description or employment status. In addition, if there are any unpaid national health insurance fees, you will need to address that as well.
  4. If there has been no change in employment, the renewal process is straightforward and requires fewer documents. However, you may still be instructed to submit a job description or a list of foreign employees.
  5. If you have changed jobs since your last visa renewal, you will need to submit the same documents as a new application for a skilled labor visa. This includes proof of your highest level of education and a notification of change.

Based on the above, it is important to prepare the appropriate documents and ensure that there are no unpaid taxes or doubts about your job description when renewing your visa. Regarding any requests for additional documents from the immigration office, it is recommended to review the details and consult with a specialist if necessary.


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