Procedures for Divorce

calendar-icon 2024/05/17

Foreigners who have the residence status of "spouse of a Japanese national" or "spouse of a permanent resident" and get divorced must report it to the local immigration office within 14 days. Failure to report may result in a fine and a status of residence violation.

After divorce, there are mainly three options to continue staying in Japan:

The first option is to return to their home country.

The second option is to obtain a permanent resident visa.

The third option is to obtain a work visa.

To obtain a permanent resident visa, it is necessary to have been married for at least 3 years and have lived together, as well as being financially independent. However, if there are serious reasons such as domestic violence, it is possible to apply for a permanent resident visa even if the marriage period is less than 3 years.

If there is a child with Japanese nationality between the individual and the Japanese spouse, and the individual has custody of the child who is a minor, it is possible to apply for a permanent resident visa even without a marriage period of 3 years or more.

If there is no child with Japanese nationality and no marriage period of 3 years or more, obtaining a work visa becomes an option. This is possible if the individual can prove that they have received specialized education in a related occupation. If these requirements cannot be met, it is advisable to consult with an administrative scrivener and explore alternative solutions.


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