Regarding the residence status of international students who graduate from university and proceed to graduate school.

calendar-icon 2024/05/20


International students who have decided to pursue graduate studies after graduating from university


For those whose entrance to graduate school is after the current "study abroad" period of stay, if a pledge is submitted, permission to change the status of residence to "specific activities" will be granted, allowing them to stay during the period until enrollment (however, this is limited to a period not exceeding one year after university graduation).

Required Documents

The following documents are required to be submitted when applying for permission to change the status of residence for those on the waiting list for admission:

(1) Document proving the ability to cover all expenses during the stay

   If someone other than the foreign national will be covering the expenses, a document proving their ability to cover the expenses and a document explaining the circumstances leading to their support

(2) Graduation (or completion) certificate from the university attended until recently

(3) Document confirming the facts of the intended enrollment and the enrollment date issued by the intended graduate school (such as an admission permit)

(4) Pledge from the intended graduate school to comply with regular communication with the waiting list applicants

    (Note) Regarding (4) above, the submission of the attached pledge will be treated as meeting this requirement.


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