Family Stay (Certification)

calendar-icon 2024/05/16 Visa acquisition results

Situation at the time of the request

  • Residence status: None
  • Nationality: China
  • Age: 36
  • Gender: Male
  • Situation: The wife is already working in Japan with a work visa, and the husband was working in China while taking care of their child.

The family has also purchased a condominium in Japan under both their names and they plan to settle in Japan and raise their child here.


  • Residence status: Family stay
  • Desired conditions: They do not want to renew frequently, so they prefer a 5-year residence period and want to obtain it as soon as possible. They are also finding it difficult to handle childcare alone.


  • Obtained family stay (5 years)
  • Duration from request to result: 22 days

⚠️Please note that the application for residence status may vary depending on individual circumstances, affiliations, application destinations, and timing, so please use this as a reference only.

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