Please translate the title "家族滞在" into English.

calendar-icon 2024/05/13

Required Documents

Application form: Fill in the necessary items on the application form for permission to renew your residence status.

Passport and residence card: Attach a PDF of a valid passport and a photo of your residence card.

Proof of income: Attach a PDF of a tax certificate to demonstrate the financial ability of the supporter who can support the applicant.

Proof of residence: Attach documents such as a resident registration or rental agreement to prove your current residence.

Documents proving family relationship: Attach official documents such as a marriage certificate or family register extract to prove the family relationship between the supporter and the applicant.

Things to be careful about

Application deadline: It is recommended to apply from 3 months before the expiration date of your residence period to 1 month before. Online applications can be made from 3 months before.

Accuracy of documents: All submitted documents must be up-to-date and accurate. Inaccuracies or errors increase the risk of reapplication or denial.

Proof of financial ability: The economic strength of the supporter is highly valued, so special attention should be paid if the income is unstable.

Scope of applicable residence status: Family stay visas are only applicable to spouses and children. They do not apply to parents or grandparents.

Appropriate residence status: If you have obtained a permission for activities outside your qualification and are working part-time, you must comply with the limit of working within 28 hours per week.


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