What to decide in the "Articles of Incorporation" for management and administration

calendar-icon 2024/05/13

Before creating the articles of incorporation, it is necessary to consider a draft of the articles of incorporation.

The following are the matters that should be determined in the draft of the articles of incorporation:

1. Corporate name: The name of the company.

2. Business purpose: The description of the type of business to be conducted. If the business falls under a category that requires a business license, such as personnel introduction or restaurant, it is necessary to accurately describe the business purpose in advance.

3. Capital: As a requirement for a management administration visa, if there are no plans to hire employees, the capital must be set at 5 million yen or more.

4. Registered office address: The address to be stated in the articles of incorporation can be limited to the smallest administrative district, so the extent to which it should be stated should be determined considering the possibility of relocation.

5. Fiscal year: The first settlement must be conducted within one year from the month of establishment. The decision on which month to conduct the settlement should be made.

6. Shareholders: Refers to the individuals who contribute to the capital. In many cases of applying for a management administration visa, the applicant themselves become the shareholders.

7. Directors: Refers to the individuals who actually engage in management administration activities. In the case of a management administration visa, it is generally required to have a director with representative authority.


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