What needs to be written in a "business plan" for management and administration?

calendar-icon 2024/05/13

Here is an explanation of what should be included when creating a "business plan" for a visa application for management and administration.

Business Description

Clearly explain the main business activities. It may be helpful to use diagrams or charts in addition to written explanations. Also, be sure to include photos of products, goods, or services.

Trading Partners

If dealing with products, provide detailed information about suppliers, customers, including company names, addresses, phone numbers, contact names, and projected annual transaction amounts. If possible, have basic contracts such as outsourcing agreements or sales contracts prepared as well. If you do not have confirmed trading partners yet, it is acceptable to include planned partners.

Revenue and Expenditure Forecasts and their Basis

For revenue forecasts, it is helpful to calculate based on unit price multiplied by sales volume. For expenditure basis, it is recommended to obtain estimates and include them in the plan.If you have already started the business, submit a financial statement.

Entrepreneur's Background

Include educational background and work experience from the most recent to the present. Be sure to include any experience related to management or administration. For example, even being a leader in a part-time job or having subordinates in a previous company can be advantageous.

Planned Employee Hiring

Recently, it has become difficult to obtain a management and administration visa for a company with only one president. Provide information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers of planned employees (part-time workers). Also, prepare a labor conditions notification for the planned employees.


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