Features of RAKUVISA

calendar-icon 2024/04/08

Features of RAKUVISA

- You can apply without going to the immigration office

- You can apply without using a My Number card

- You input the information yourself, but a certified administrative scrivener will check it

- The administrative scrivener will apply on your behalf

- The cost is about one-tenth of what you would pay a administrative scrivener

Issues faced by foreigners living in Japan

- They know online applications are possible, but find it troublesome to use a My Number card

- They have to input the application form in Excel and print it at a convenience store

- They have to travel by train or bus to the immigration office and wait in line for hours to submit the application

- If the documents are incorrect, they have to redo the process multiple times

- They have had unpleasant experiences with Japanese language support at the immigration counter

RAKUVISA solves all these problems


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