If I want to know if I can renew my visa at the company I transferred to, what should I do?

calendar-icon 2024/04/04

There are many foreigners living in Japan who are unable to renew their visas after changing jobs.

This is because their educational and employment history, as well as the correlation between their personal background and the new company's job responsibilities, are checked.

When changing jobs, the visa renewal process is more strict compared to regular renewals, so caution is necessary.

If you are told suddenly that you cannot renew your visa and have to return to your home country, it can be troublesome. Therefore, if you change jobs, it is advisable to obtain a "Certificate of Eligibility for Employment".

The following documents are required to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility for Employment:

  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility for Employment
  • Photo of the applicant (4x3 cm)
  • Reasons for hiring or invitation and job description
  • Resume of the applicant (including details of institutions and periods of engagement in knowledge-intensive work related to the application)
  • Proof of final educational background (graduation certificate)
  • Documents proving employment history
  • Materials clarifying the employer's overview (company's registration certificate and brochures, etc.)
  • Employment contract with the company
  • Summary of the previous year's employee income tax withholding statement or statutory report (copy with reception stamp)
  • Passport
  • Residence Card


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