When international students invite their families

calendar-icon 2024/01/24

It is possible for international students to bring their spouse or children to Japan if certain conditions are met.

The conditions are as follows:

Only university (graduate) students are allowed, and families of Japanese language school students are not permitted to stay.

The student must have sufficient financial capability (economic ability).

Now let's explain how much financial capability is required.

If you can prove that the total amount of support from family, relatives, savings, scholarships, etc. is equivalent to one year's living expenses, the chances of approval will be high. As a guideline, having a total amount of 2 million yen or more should not be a problem. Additionally, income from part-time jobs can also be included in the calculation.

If you can receive financial support from parents, relatives, or acquaintances, you need to explain the relationship with that person, the circumstances that led to the support, and prove that the support will continue in the future.

The flow of funds and how you obtained the money are also important, so if you borrow money temporarily from a friend and deposit it in a bank, it is highly likely that immigration authorities will find out immediately and deny permission.

If you can provide a well-founded explanation, the chances of approval will increase.


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