What kind of job can receive permission for technical, humanities, knowledge, and international business?

calendar-icon 2024/01/24

This visa is divided into three categories for examination: "Technical", "Humanities and Knowledge", and "International Business".

Examples of jobs allowed under each category are as follows:

Jobs allowed under the "Technical" visa:

  • System Engineer
  • Maintenance of aircraft requiring technical and knowledge of aerospace engineering
  • Design and development of precision machinery, civil and construction machinery, etc.
  • Production management
  • CAD operator
  • Researcher

Jobs allowed under the "Humanities and Knowledge" visa:

  • Corporate sales
  • Marketing
  • Planning and public relations
  • Accounting, finance, accounting, etc.
  • Organization manager

Jobs allowed under the "International Business" visa:

  • Translation and interpretation
  • Language instruction
  • Business transactions with foreign countries
  • Design utilizing cultural sensitivity outside of Japan
  • Product development


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