Occupations with Specific Skills Scheduled to be Added from 2024

calendar-icon 2024/04/04

Occupations planned to be added to the Specified Skilled Visa:

Automobile Transportation Industry:

- Able to work as drivers for buses, taxis, trucks, etc.


- Able to work in jobs related to timber production and materials.

Timber Industry:

- Able to work in jobs related to timber processing.


- Able to work as train drivers, station attendants, track and electrical equipment maintenance, etc.

The Technical Intern Training Program will be replaced by the new system called "Nurturing Employment". The system will relax the restrictions on job changes, which were generally prohibited under the Technical Intern Training Program. The government is planning to implement this new system around 2027. The Specified Skilled Visa is intended to be the next step in the "Nurturing Employment" system, allowing highly skilled individuals to continue working in Japan. By obtaining the "Specified Skilled Visa Type 2", long-term employment and accompanying family members will also be possible.


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