Can refugees work while their applications are being processed?

calendar-icon 2024/02/02

If you have been granted "Specific Activities (Employment Allowed) - June", it is possible.

Flow of Refugee Application:

1. Refugee Application

2. Examination (within 2 months): During this period, employment is not allowed.

3. Classification and Assignment

Classification Classification Criteria Restrictions
A Cases with a high possibility of being recognized as refugees under the Refugee Convention or cases with a high possibility of requiring humanitarian consideration due to the situation in their home country Employment allowed
B Cases claiming reasons that clearly do not fall under persecution under the Refugee Convention (cases that require consideration of humanitarian consideration are classified as D) X: Residency restriction
C Cases that repeat the same claims without valid reasons in re-application X: Employment restriction
D1 Other cases: People who applied for refugee recognition after ceasing their original residency activities or people who applied for refugee recognition during the period of preparing for departure X: Employment restriction
D2 Different from D1: ・Initially granted "Specific Activities" for 3 months (employment not allowed) twice → After the 6-month period, granted "Specific Activities" for 6 months (employment allowed) △: If granted "Specific Activities" for 6 months (employment allowed) after the 6-month period, it is possible


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