The difference in the price of revenue stamps

calendar-icon 2024/04/11

When your visa is approved, you must submit a revenue stamp to the immigration office.

This applies whether you do it online or in person. The usual fee is 4,000 yen, but there are actually various prices.

Certification (when obtaining a visa to come to Japan)0 yen
Change (when you currently have a visa in Japan and want to change the type)4,000 yen
Renewal (when renewing the period of your current visa)4,000 yen
Permanent residency8,000 yen
Re-entry permit3,000 yen (one-time)6,000 yen (multiple times)
Refugee travel document5,000 yen
Permission for activities not permitted by visa0 yen
Work permit certificate (applied for when changing jobs, etc.)1,200 yen
Provisional release0 yen
Refugee0 yen


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