Guidelines for Attendance Rate

calendar-icon 2024/04/08

The "Guidelines for the Operation of Certified Japanese Language Education Institutions Regarding Attendance Management and Support for Continuation of Stay" states the following:

Matters related to attendance management (related to certification criteria Article 30)

(1) Accurately grasp the attendance rate of students in classes.

(2) For students whose monthly attendance rate (the ratio obtained by dividing the number of units attended in that month by the number of units that should have been attended) falls below 80% (excluding those who were absent due to unavoidable reasons such as illness), provide guidance for improvement until their monthly attendance rate reaches 80% or higher, and record the progress of such guidance.

In other words, it can be inferred that falling below 80% is a cause for concern. If the attendance rate is below 80%, it will be necessary to provide a written explanation stating the reasons for the low attendance rate.


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