Certificate of Kinship Notarization: A document that proves the parent-child relationship of a Chinese individual.

calendar-icon 2023/06/28

The household register of the People's Republic of China, known as the hukou book, contains information such as the birth dates, birthplaces, ethnicities, and nationalities of all family members, similar to Japan's resident registration system. Therefore, it is not suitable for proving parent-child relationships in situations such as family stays or specific activity visa applications.

To prove parent-child relationships in China, a kinship notarization certificate is required. This is a type of notarized document issued by Chinese authorities that certifies family relationships such as parent-child or siblings.

To obtain a kinship notarization certificate, one must apply directly to Chinese authorities in China. If the applicant is residing in Japan, they must either travel to China to apply in person or have a relative in China apply on their behalf.


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