Summary table of statutory reports such as withholding tax statements for the previous year's staff salary income.

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What to do if there is no reception stamp?

One of the documents required by the company as a submission document for work-related residency status such as "Technical Humanities Knowledge International Business" is the "Total Table of Legal Documents such as Withholding Tax Statements for Employees' Salary Income for the Previous Year". This is a document that must be submitted to the tax office at the end of January every year.

The purpose of submitting it to the Immigration Bureau is to determine whether the company's category is 2 or 3.

When submitting, there is a requirement for it to have a reception stamp.

However, there are several submission methods such as:

  1. Written document
  2. e-Tax (National Tax Electronic Filing and Payment System)
  3. Optical disks (CDs, DVDs, etc.) that record the contents of legal documents

Although it is required for the documents submitted to the Immigration Bureau to have a reception stamp, there is no reception stamp when submitting by mail or online.

In such cases, we recommend taking the following measures:

  • Apply for a residency status with a reason why the submission cannot be made
  • Submit the document without a reception stamp at the time of application and attach a certificate of acceptance issued by the tax office as additional material

(However, in some cases, the numerical part may be masked, and in such cases, additional submission is not required.)

As the documents required by the company vary, if you cannot find the information on the RakuVisa page or the Immigration Bureau's website, we recommend consulting a nearby administrative scrivener.


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