Future Creation Talent System (J-Find)

calendar-icon 2023/06/28

From April 2023, the Future Creation Talent System (J-Find) will be introduced, granting a "Specific Activity" residence status (Future Creation Talent) to those who have graduated from excellent overseas universities or equivalent and are engaged in "job hunting" or "preparation for starting a business" in Japan, allowing them to stay for up to two years.

Spouses and children can also accompany the applicant.

Requirements for application

  • Within 5 years of graduation
  • Having savings of at least 200,000 yen at the time of application
  • Having obtained a degree or professional degree from one of the universities or graduate schools listed below (as of April 2023)

Documents required for application

  1. Application form
  2. Photo
  3. Reply envelope
  4. Graduation certificate or completion certificate from university or graduate school
  5. Resume
  6. Stay plan
  7. Documents proving savings


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