Engineer/Specialist in Humanity/International Services

Please select the application procedure.

Visa Application

For those who do not currently have a Japanese visa and intend to obtain one in the future

Extend visa period

If you already have this visa and want to extend the period

Change visa

If you currently have a different visa for Japan and want to change to this visa

Working Visa for engineers, office workers, translators, etc. Graduation from a Japanese vocational school or higher, or university of your home country is required.
・申請者:本人もしくは雇用元 ・期間:更新回数の決まりはなし ・保証人:必要ないが、雇用元が決まっていることが必要 ・申請先:出入国在留管理局 ・標準審査期間:認定62日、更31日、変更37日